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The Gift Giving Tree: 12 Gifts For Christmas

This Christmas: no repeat gifts, no returns and, most importantly, no disappointments. With this holiday pledge, you’re going to give friends, family and co-workers gifts that will truly blow them away. The following gift giving tree guide offers 12 gift ideas for everyone on your list, all of which are guaranteed to bring happiness and make you the best gift giver ever. read more

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Pet Safe Plants for Indoors & Outdoors

Unexpected vet visits can be costly but avoidable if you are knowledgeable about toxic vs. non-toxic plants. Be proactive in order to keep your furry family members away from harmful foliage. Our guide on how to keep pets safe from potentially poisonous and toxic plants will keep Fido from barking up the wrong bush. read more

Rose Color Meanings

If you’ve ever had to buy roses for someone, you know there are many different colors to choose from. While it may seem like a difference in preference, rose color meanings can actually play a huge role in the message you send someone. Even though roses typically are seen as an expression of love, the meaning behind a lavender rose and a yellow rose is vastly different. Once you’ve decided giving a rose sends the right message, you’ll want to consider which color depicts your feelings most accurately using the guide below! read more

Shop Small – FTD Supports Our Local Florists

FTD is an Official Supporter of Small Business Saturday, taking place on November 28th, 2015. This is a day dedicated to strengthening every community by supporting the small businesses that provide delightful goods and services as well as jobs to strengthen local economies.

We’d like to say thank you to all of our FTD Florists … we wouldn’t be FTD without you.

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Sweetest Day Party Ideas & Guide: Celebrate Your Sweets

Between family, work and household chores, it’s all too easy to get caught up in your everyday shuffle. But when you do take the time to slow down, enjoy the moment and show others your gratitude for all they do, it pays off so much that you’re often left asking yourself, “why don’t I do this every day?”

That concept of showing your gratitude and paying it forward was the impetus for Sweetest Day. While it would be easy to write this off as another “Hallmark holiday,” invented to sell goods, Sweetest Day actually has no ties to Hallmark or any other greeting card company. The origin of the holiday tells a heartwarming story of a more innocent time that may even make the most cynical share some sweet treats with someone special on October 17.

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rose meaning feature

Know Your Floriography: Give the Right Rose & Avoid Floral Faux Pas

Flowers and plants have been used to convey messages to recipients since biblical times. However, the current language of flowers, known as floriography, gained widespread popularity in Victorian times and those same meanings are still used today. In general, roses convey a message of love, but with a rainbow of shades to choose from, and each hue carrying its own meaning, be sure to carefully consider the associated flower meanings of different types of roses before selecting blooms to avoid a floral faux pas. read more

A Rose by Any Other Name: Anatomy, Terminology & Luxury Deciphered

Nearly any occasion can be celebrated with a bouquet of beautiful roses. Their origins have sparked countless literary references through the ages and have maintained long-standing traditions. Roses can be used to convey different feelings and emotions, which makes them ideal when it comes to love and romance. The varieties of roses are expansive — you will find that garden roses or spray roses are much different than the fragrant, high-quality roses you will find at a florist. But what exactly are you paying for (or on the receiving end of) when it comes to roses? read more