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15 Daily Things To Do For A Happier Home


Happiness is difficult to put your finger on. It’s a combination of your overall satisfaction with your life as well as your feelings about your current state. One of the best ways to cultivate a happy life is to create a happy home. Your home should be a haven that you retreat to every day for restoration. Instead, many people feel anxious and unsatisfied with their current environment, read more

33 Types of Dahlias

33 Types of Dahlias to Brighten Up Your Garden


It’s the year of the dahlia. These native Mexican flowers have topped every wedding trend list of 2019 — their eclectic textures and vivid colors have captured brides and event planners all over the world. Texture and personalization are central themes in the wedding industry this year, making the versatile dahlia a perfect addition to any arrangement. read more

9 Free Botanical Prints

8 Free Botanical Prints to Liven Up Your Space

Gallery walls are a fun way to express your personal style, while also letting it evolve. All you need are a variety of frames so you can switch out the art in them as often as you’d like.

One trend that’s been popular in gallery walls is including botanical prints. Some mimic pressed flowers in frames, while others take a more artistic and vintage approach by showing faded flower sketches. No matter your preference, floral decor is a trend that’s here to stay. read more

The Complete Gerbera Daisy Care Guide

The Complete Gerbera Daisy Care Guide


The Gerbera Daisy is a type of daisy that originates in Africa. In the present day, they are cultivated all over the world and known for their bright colors and pleasant aesthetic. Most gerbera daisies that you come across today are probably a hybrid of Gerbera jamesonii and Gerbera viridifolia. Some popular varieties under the Gerber genus are the transvaal daisy and the lollipop gerber. read more

The Ultimate Sunflower Care Guide

The Ultimate Sunflower Care Guide

Sunflowers are one of the most well-loved flowers of late summer and early fall. Their large blooms and bright colors distinguish them from other flowers of the season. They are additionally recognized by their tall stature, growing from 1 foot to 16 feet tall. read more